Feel confident behind the wheel with 4MOTION


What is 4MOTION?

4MOTION is a technologically advanced permanent all-wheel-drive system that transfers torque between the front and back wheels. It reacts to even the slightest wheel slip and automatically sends the right amount of power to the wheels with the most grip – giving you greater stability, handling and traction. The second a problem is detected the system delivers extra traction where it’s needed.


The 4MOTION system is permanent on the Tiguan which means you do not have to manually activate it – the system is constantly monitoring the situation and adjusting power accordingly.  This comes as a great benefit for us New Zealanders where town and country-side are in close proximity, meaning quick and sudden changes in terrain. 4MOTION ensures your Tiguan does not slip or lose control at any point during your drive.


If the system senses a loss of traction, for example, when the wheels spin on a slippery surface, the 4MOTION system will split the wheels’ turning power to correct the problem – almost instantly.


4MOTION keeps you safely on track.

4MOTION gives you superior grip on the road. However treacherous the road surface, or however unrelenting the weather conditions, you get a sure-footed vehicle with huge levels of traction. This gives you confidence in all situations, keeping you reassured that your Tiguan will keep you safe, no matter what.


4MOTION offers not only traction benefits but also improves ride comfort, straight-line driving and side wind stability. The system permits higher cornering speeds too, which enhances safety and driving enjoyment even further.


Off-road in the new Tiguan.

On-road or off-road, the 4MOTION all-wheel drive system allows your Tiguan to adapt to the conditions, giving you the freedom to go wherever you want. 4MOTION provides optimum stability and control along with the confidence that your Volkswagen can tackle the roughest roads and worst driving conditions – even when exploring off the beaten track.


Your new Tiguan with 4MOTION lets you go anywhere you want to while feeling safe and confident knowing that your vehicle has got you covered.


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